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My definition of agility:
a great, fun game that
I play with my dog.

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For almost 15 years, I have been enjoying the sport of dog agility. My journey started with my sweet and sassy Golden girl, Sophie. She always made me look good because she had the uncanny skill of being able to read numbers. The reason I know this is because as I would leave the ring after a very messy Q, I would often hear "good thing Sophie can read numbers." You might say that meant that I was a bad handler. Perhaps. I just figured I was an awesome dog trainer - I mean seriously, how many dogs can count?

Fast forward through over 10 years of taking classes, attending seminars, teaching classes and now teaching seminars, when I look back on those early runs I cringe. Poor Sophie had to do her job AND mine! What's interesting is that my early years of inappropriate motion, late cues and terrible positioning have helped me to become a good instructor and coach. How is that you say? It's because I have made every mistake that can be made (in every conceivable way), so that when I watch students, I can easily catch those same mistakes, point out what went wrong and then explain how to correct the problem.

My approach to teaching is to make sure that in each class, students will learn something new, will improve their existing skills and will be reminded of just how much fun Agility can be. Please join me!

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